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Your Speaker Ready Room Software, Powered by CadmiumCD

Say goodbye to sneaker net. No more running presentations back and forth on USB. CadmiumCD's speaker ready room software integrates directly with your AV.

The Survey Magnet gives administrators control over branding, access to multiple question types, and the ability to design custom CE certificates. This image shows an iPad with a finalized version of a survey generated by the Survey Magnet on it. The device is tilted and faded at the bottom to give the effect of falling. The end product is clean, mobile responsive, and branded.

Collect and Push Content in Real Time

Collect presentations from speakers onsite, then push updated content and details out to AV products, and CadmiumCD's eventScribe attendee engagement platform.

CadmiumCD gets lots of positive feedback from clients of the Survey Magnet. Robin Feldman is one of those clients. In this picture she has short grey hair, fun earrings that dangle by her neck, and a smile that makes you feel warm and welcomed.

"I have worked with many conference and speaker management services and I would put Cadmium in the top. With an interface that was easily customizable to what our individual conference required and a content delivery method that allowed changes to happen easily onsite I could not have been happier. Plus, I loved what we could do with the digital signage."

— Megan Flatau, The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Record and Share Your Conference Content

Design custom certificates with the Survey Magnet's HTML tools. This image is a line drawn icon of a certificate with an award seal on it.

Digital Signage

Collect information from speakers and push details out in real time to digital signage.

Members can track contiuing education credits using the Survey Magnet. This image is a line drawn icon of a graduation cap.

Second Screen Technology

Share the most up-to-date presentation slides on mobile, laptop, and session projectors.

Administrators can keep users of the Survey Magnet on track with a task-based management system. This image is a line drawn icon of a circle arrow with a heart in it. The icon sits on top of a background image of a group of individuals looking at a speaker who has her arms wide open in front of a white board.

Consistent Experiences

Create a comprehensive branded experience by keeping all software on one unified platform.

Survey Magnet allows administrators to ditch manual processes like communicating via one-to-one emails, sorting through printed evaluations, and more. This image is a line drawn icon of a heart.

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