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Manage Attendee Feedback with the eventScribe® Survey Magnet

Create better experiences for members, attendees, students, and employees. Deliver exceptional educational programs with custom CE tools. Understand your meetings and conferences better than ever. Watch the video to find out how it will work for you.

The Survey Magnet allows administrators to assign different credit types to various groups of participants. This image shows an example of multiple credit slots on the finished certificate, and how administrators can enter certificate codes and verification codes that attendees can use to unlock these credit types.

This is YOUR survey tool

Survey Magnet gives you control over branding, access to multiple question types, and the ability to design custom continuing education certificates appropriate for all types of professional accreditations. The best part? Your attendees have immediate access to certificates without any time consuming effort from you!

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For All Steps of Your Meeting Planning

Collect Responses with Survey Magnet

  • Collect evaluation and survey responses from attendees, exhibitors, and other stakeholders
  • Get feedback on sessions, speakers, and more

Manage Education with Survey Magnet

  • Deliver credits to attendees instantly based on quiz results
  • Use collected data to make next year's programs better

Share Results with Survey Magnet

  • Access responses and other data
  • Auto-create certificates for attendees who successfully complete quizzes
  • Collect Content

  • Manage Content

  • Share Content

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" Cadmium is an absolutely powerful and wonderful conference management tool! The Survey Magnet portion of the software is awesome! I also can't say enough about all the wonderful team members at Cadmium. Sharon Risberg is extremely helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with! I've also had the pleasure of working with Marianne Bryant. I honestly feel like both of these individuals are an extension of our team. It's really wonderful! "

— Anjella Heath , AHCA

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